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Currently not available

To reserve an available kitten a NON-REFUNDABLE $500 deposit must be placed.

Pet Kittens come with

     - Pedigree Papers         
     - 6 Weeks introductory insurance with PetCover

     - Desexing                                                               
     - 2 x Vaccinations and reimbursement for 3rd vaccination                     
      - Kitten Pack including Royal Canin Kitten, Litter and Litter Box, Carrier, Blankets, toys, grooming accessories and more

     - Lifetime Support         

Starting at $6500
Bellou will not be offering entire kittens until 2024, under very strict conditions.

Bellou will only be offering kittens of the highest quality to approved breeding programs.

Kittens will be priced from $6500 depending on coat and eye colour, genetics, and lines.

Entire kittens come with a
non-negotiable contract.
- 1st and 2nd Generation offspring may only be sold/given/swapped as pets
- If the cat is ever sold/given/swapped it must be desexed prior to exchanging hands
- Cat and 1st and 2nd Generation offspring may not be studded/leased/loaned out
- 3rd Generation and onwards offspring may only be sold/given/swapped or studded/leased/loaned to registered breeders. 

Bellou does not recognise NCPI, RPBA or the like to be reputable breeding societies and as such will not sell entire to their members, and expects that 3rd Generation and onward Cats of Bellou are not sold/given/swapped or studded/leased/loaned to members of NCPI, RPBA or the like. 

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